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Learn the secret to having success in making perfect Gluten Free foods in this online course.

Hi! I'm Nicole Hunn!

Here are a few of the thousands of responses I received when I asked about your biggest gluten free baking struggle:

"The final product is dry or crumbly”

“Getting the correct flour blend so the baking doesn't come out hard, crumbly or too sticky when it's not meant to be that way”

“Finding the perfect flour. Too often GF baked goods are gritty or too crumbly”

It was the same for me when I started.

I remember way back in 2004, the first thing I baked gluten free from scratch was a carrot cake. When I pulled it out of the oven, I swear it looked like a carrot cake.

But it smelled and tasted like gym socks.

I will never forget that smell (could you?). I spent the next few months trying to cover it up in everything I baked. I was so overwhelmed by how far I had to go in my baking journey, with no end in sight.

But I didn’t know then what I know now: all about the magic of proper all purpose gluten free flour blends. That’s where everything changed for me.

Since then, I’ve come a long way, baby. And I’m not the only one!

Here’s what one reader said about discovering the proper flour blends:


“I have been baking gluten free for almost 3 years and it took me almost 2 of those years to start to ‘get’ GF baking. The biggest obstacles I had were pre-made flour blends. They never behaved the same way and sometimes I would buy an expensive blend and it was just terrible. I now make my own flour blend up and it is so much better and I can count on it every time.”

What would this look like for you? What would it be like to be able to make, say, gluten free biscuits that actually taste like proper biscuits? Or your favorite cookie, and have it taste just like you remember?

Imagine you didn’t have to make separate dishes, one with gluten and one without. And when you baked for others, they didn’t even know it was gluten free until you told them (if you even tell them!).

What if, like fellow reader Angenette above, you could count on your blend to make better recipes every single time?

I really mean it when I say good for gluten free is not good enough. I want to teach you how to have success in baking gluten free every single time. From pastries to crusty bread, I want to show you how easy flour blends are and how to use them in any sort of dish.

Hi! I'm Nicole Hunn!

I’m on a mission to create a great-tasting gluten free version of every food imaginable because our 13-year-old son, Jonathan, has celiac disease. Our whole family eats gluten free at home to make life easier, and I eat gluten free all the time to support my son. My family and I still get to eat all of our favorite foods, even some you might think you’d never eat again (gluten free crêpes anyone?). But it wasn’t always this way.

When Jonathan was diagnosed 10 years ago, we were lost. Few gluten free foods were available, and I had no idea how to cook, much less bake, for him. The gluten free recipes I found were really fussy, called for way too many ingredients, and produced so-so results, at best. After many, many gluten free baking failures, I began developing my own recipes and started having the baking success that I’ve been building upon for years. One by one, I started adding back all of our favorite foods. I just wanted to feel normal again, and to show my son that nothing was truly out of reach.

I want the same thing for you, and I know that a lot of people struggle in getting predictable results every time when baking gluten free.

In 2004, I started my blog, and have since published 5 cookbooks. And now, this course!


Want to see how easy flour blends can be?

Watch me go from a brand new scale to a simple flour blend in 2 minutes. In this short video, I show how easy it is to use a digital kitchen scale (a cheap one will do) and mix up a flour blend.

About the Course

Gluten Free Flour Blend Basics is an online, self-guided course that walks students through the process of making their own gluten-free flour blends and the pros and cons of each one. In this course, you’ll work your way through modules and learn about each of the flour blends. You have access to all of the information at once, so you can proceed through at your own pace.

Students have lifetime access to the modules, so you can master the blends one by one as you’re ready.

Module 1: Covering the Basics

In the introduction module, the lessons cover what you'll learn, and the basics of the flour blends. Including:

  • The Myth of a Cup-For-Cup Gluten Free Flour Blend
  • Your Course Path [Flowchart!]
  • Individual Gluten Free Ingredient Basics

Module 2: How to make the Gluten Free Flour Blends

  • How To Make Mock Better Batter
  • How To Make Mock Cup4Cup
  • How To Make Better Than Cup4Cup
  • How To Make The Gum-Free Flour
  • How To Turn Better Batter Into Cake Flour
  • How To Use Better Batter As a Cup4Cup Hack
  • How To Turn Better Batter Into GF Bread Flour

Module 3: Course Wrap up

In this module, I provide recipes you'll need to practice using every flour blend and all course bonuses.

Course Bonuses & Downloadables

In an effort to make sure you have everything you need for your success, I've also included these free bonuses and downloadables with the course.


Specifically selected printable recipes

Once you learn how to make the flour blends, I have specific recipes for you to print out and try your hand with your newly aquired skills!


Flour Blend Posters

We've designed these handy posters that illustrate the breakdown of every flour blend. Keep these on hand with a visual reference to remember what flour blends work best with which types of recipes.


Exclusive Flour Calculator

We built this super handy flour calculator specifically for the flour blends you'll learn about in this course. Just put in how many cups you need, and the weight measurement will be provided for each ingredient.


Cheat Sheets

Let's face it, when things get complicated, it's easy to forget. We've created these printable cheat sheets you can store in your gluten free pantry. They cover everything from the flour blend breakdowns, to how to use the scale. Once you've finely tuned your skills, just keep your cheatsheets on hand.


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The Gluten Free Flour Blend Basics course has everything you need for your success

You don't need all the ingredients to get started. You can start learning about the blends while you're waiting for your ingredients to arrive.

My videos will walk you through creating each flour blend in a step by step fashion, with transcripts to go with them.

In this course, we've included our Flour Calculator. Just put in how many cups you want of any flour and it will tell you the weight measurement for each ingredient.

All the resources you need are included as printable downloads to help you build your own flour blends reference manual to keep in a handy location in your kitchen.


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